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MEET | Jeff & Kristina { the creators } Toledo, OH

We are urban dwellers, cooking our meals from a galley kitchen that overlooks a wooded ravine. We love flavors from around the globe and enjoy experimenting with new spices and recipes regularly. Our focus is on creating healthy, simple and flavorful meals made with quality ingredients that our whole family will eat. Our stage in life is parenting young children and helping them learn to love what we love to eat. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen on a budget to create a more open feel.We are excited to have our talented friends join us in this food experiment.   

MEET | Teresa & Richard Grand Rapids, OH

We started our marriage almost forty years ago as vegetarians; changed to carnivores after ten years and now we are back to where we started. In the beginning it was religion, now its health. Teresa is the food expert, spending lots of time researching and has immense passion for the concept of eating organic locally grown foods with as much produce as we can grow from our own large garden. Last year we transformed both our diet and our kitchen, resulting in weight and health improvements, and a light kitchen with open shelving, concrete counters and work space that’s open to airy views to fields and garden. 

MEET| Rebecca & Derek  Kansas City, MO

We are the (somewhat) newlyweds of the group, married since August of 2012. Both of us grew up eating fairly typical American fare – lots of meat and starch with the occasional vegetable on the side. After we got married, though, we began to transition to eating more vegetables and whole grains and less meat, gradually becoming more health-conscious as well as more aware of some of the ethical issues surrounding the production of food in this country. When we both went back to school, though, and began juggling work, school, marriage, and community life, our eating habits suffered. This year, though, we are trying to find ways to prepare quick, nutritious meals without relying on a lot of processed foods so we can stay healthy while still managing our busy schedules. Though we are not vegetarians (Derek is a meat-lover for sure!) we tend to eat meat just once or twice a week and rely on vegetarian meals the rest of the time.

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