Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mediterranean Kale Salad with Quinoa on Baked Flat Bread

Contributor | JEFF

 Talk about infused healthy flavor...I think this may have been the wedding of healthy and flavorful becoming one.
Recently I have had this love affair with kale... and have enjoyed eating these mouth watering salads.

 Did you know that kale is considered a super food? Kale is packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, B6, calcium,copper and potassium. It also helps prevent certain cancers. You can find more info here. . Quinoa is a super grain very rich in protein and fiber. It also contains (B2) improves energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells and is known to help create proper energy production in cells. To see more info go here. For me knowing whats in my food and why it's good for me makes me want to eat more of the foods that will benefit my health. Since doing this and eating healthier my energy level has sky rocketed. You will not regret making these changes to your lifestyle. 

While discovering how amazing kale is I learned that sauteing it in olive oil makes it even better. In this recipe I added onions, mushrooms, yellow peppers, olives and kale to the skillet all at the same time. You can add what ever spices you want at this point. I used sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, rosemary and basil. After all this cooks for about 4 minutes then you add the quinoa for about 3 more minutes with a lid. 

When that is all finished spoon it on to the flat bread, add feta cheese and dried cranberries and some garlic vinaigrette (I used my local favorite-Garlic Expressions) The cool thing is that you don't even need the fork to eat it. Just pick it up like a piece of toast and enjoy. 

What's in It |

- kale 
- mushrooms
- yellow peppers
- onion
- cranberries
- quinoa
- feta cheese
- sea salt & pepper
- olive oil
 -garlic vinaigrette dressing
- black olives 
- cayenne pepper, rosemary and basil

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You can find the recipe for this flat bread here.

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